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The topic of this video became much more important after learning that the day it was filmed was also the day @Life with Lee took her own life (tribute video below) 🤍 Sincere thanks to Athletic Greens Click for sponsoring this vid, click here to get a FREE year supply of Liquid Vitamin D + 5 bonus travel packs with your 1st purchase: Our tribute to Lee: Link to our Bai Trip: 📚CHAPTERS 📚 00:00 the schpiel 00:20 breathing with Lee 1:30 cinnamon rolls!! 2:42 sponsor love 3:55 it's time 4:36 too hot! 5:18 adventure on the horizon 7:04 dial tone?? 7:45 feeling down... 9:40 wrong turn... 11:24 lunch + time to chat 21:04 let's giddy up! 23:03 is this the right way?? 24:17 in conclusion... 26:28 how far?!?!?! ♡ Become a Patron: PayPal: Buy Brittany's Recovery book: Buy our van blueprint here: Get 10% off Brittany's fave pants using the code 'adventure' This video's music: Where we get all our adventure gear: Our AirBnB link to save $65 on your 1st trip: Use code MrAndMrsAdventure for 5% off Renogy: Our mailing address: Mr and Mrs Adventure PO Box 5034 Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932 Our entire Amazon Shop organized all nice for ya: ► OUR VAN LIFE NECESSITIES: 3-PART WATER FILTER: Use promo code MRANDMRSADVENTURE10 for 10% off (apply on the shipping page) and ask about the VanLife Adventure Van Bundle when wanting to learn more about our set up. TOP LOADING 66L SNOMASTER FRIDGE: Use promo code mrandmrsadventure for 5% off 3-100W RENOGY SOLAR PANELS: Use code MrAndMrsAdventure in the coupon box 5% off (except for batteries) 2.5 GALLON WATER HEATER: ► CAMERA GEAR: MAIN VLOGGING CAMERA: DSLR CAMERA: GIMBLE: GOPRO: DRONE: ALL OTHER PHOTO/VIDEO GEAR: ► JOIN US ON OUR OTHER SOCIAL CHANNELS: Daily updates via Instagram: FaceBook: Our blog/website where you can sign up for our Newsletter: As always, we are so grateful to have you joining us on our journey here and we appreciate all your support ♡ #mrandmrsadventure #vanlife #brittanyanddrew

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