Would YOU Sail a CATAMARAN in THIS weather ?!

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Would you honestly sail in this weather? We have a severe wind warning in place today which means we're not allowed to sail! The conditions are just too blustery for it to be safe sailing in the Whitsundays, but we want to know: would YOU sail a catamaran in this? We don't let this stop us though as we continue to explore this beautiful archipelago and discover a hidden gem. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and leave a comment ⛵️ To support our work ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/sailingrubyrose Feel free to skip around: 00:00 Nara Inlet 02:30 Our sail plan for today 04:20 Would YOU sail in this? 06:37 Arriving in Cid Harbour (and yes, there's sharks! 😬 ) 08:45 Exploring ashore- we have the place to ourselves 😍 12:32 A cozy boat in the rain Our videos are free for everyone to watch, and always will be. However, we have an amazing community of Patrons who, for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, receive all sorts of benefits and .... Continue Reading at Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose

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