Wisdom from River Guides

Wisdom from River Guides
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Over the past few years I’ve done eight river trips on our grand western rivers: the Colorado, Green, and Salmon. The shortest trip was 6 days and the longest was 28 days. By the end of each I was physically tired yet also refreshed and renewed, at peace in a deep way I seldom feel in the rush of “normal” life in Sacramento. How did this happen?

Life has a deliberate rhythm and flow on the river. We focus on the tasks at hand with fewer distractions than at home. Call it river time. Sunlight sets the hours of sleep and waking. The daily pace follows our needs for food, water, pee breaks. Doing basic tasks takes longer. Once on the river, the moving water demands our full attention, especially in the rapids. On each trip, river time seeped into me and reset my internal clock. It changed my focus so much that I needed days to transition back to the front country.

The valuable insights and lessons I’ve learned on the river linger long afte.... Continue Reading at Oars

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