Why Palestinians Can’t Climb Free

Why Palestinians Can’t Climb Free
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Earlier this year, a group of Palestinian climbers and a few international friends hiked out to a local crag near the West Bank city of Ramallah to climb, camp, and enjoy a respite from the city. In the evening, as dusk settled over the quiet valley, the climbers lit a campfire.

Suddenly flares launched from an opposing hilltop, illuminating the valley in a harsh, bright light. Soon thereafter, a dozen Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers appeared out of the darkness and surrounded the climbers. They were dressed in full combat fatigues and carried M4 assault rifles.

“You cannot be here,” said the commanding officer. When asked why, the soldiers provided no reason.

The climbers were told to sit on the ground and, one-by-one, were forced to pose for mugshots. The soldiers took their IDs. Finally, the climbers were told to leave. They were marched back down the valley with the soldiers’ weapons’ menacing red laser dots on their.... Continue Reading at Evening Sends

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