We made 100 videos documenting VAN LIFE

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We've been living in our van and filming our daily life for 2+ years. Today, we're celebrating making 100 videos documenting van life. What is it like sharing our life publicly on social media? Watch and find out! What to watch next: THE VAN BUILD SERIES - https://bit.ly/2YO4Zss Chef Nat in the kitchen - https://youtu.be/SCfMVivJJ9I Get to know us - https://youtu.be/r6RXNJKvLfg Van life is certainly an adventure but it isn't easy... on top of that, we film nearly everything! Why do we do it? In this video, we're sharing WHY, HOW and WHAT we've learned along the way. Join us as we open up and chat about all things vanlife + youtube. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Nat and Abi Bear + Peluche ~ CONNECT WITH US IN BETWEEN VIDEOS INSTAGRAM @letsplayrideandseek : https://bit.ly/368lq7v BLOG http://letsplayrideandseek.com ~ JOIN OUR PATREON FAMILY! Watch exclusive videos and get early access to Sunday Vlogs. https://www.patreon.com/Letsplayrideandseek OR Send a one-time tip t.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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