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Get the AG1 Immunity Bundle now! You'll receive up to a year's supply of immune supporting Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs, both FREE with your first purchase! Click: https://athleticgreens.com/vanwives We finally did it team! We put a roof on this off grid cabin JUST in time for winter (literally). Van life over the years has spoiled us and taking on the roofing was harder than I expected. But living alone in the wilderness pushes you out of your comfort zone - and we finally did it! Wooooo hoo for metal roof installations with no experience. Hope you’re enjoying coming along for renovations/life off grid in our tiny house in the woods. See you next week for more as we continue building our dream cabin in the woods. Join the Patreon Pack HERE! For exclusive content, live streams, and MORE! https://www.patreon.com/vanwives OR Have you been watching & enjoying our content? Send us a one time payment to help us keep creating stories on the road. PayPal jazand.... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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