Visitors In The Scottish Highlands Urged To Be Responsible

Visitors In The Scottish Highlands Urged To Be Responsible
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Visitors have flocked to some parts of the Highlands, blocking roads and leaving behind their rubbish, including dog poo and even human waste.

Local authorities and community groups, including a Facebook page called ‘Stop Trashing Scotland’, are stepping up the campaign to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

Just before this weekend the Cairngorms National Park Authority asked people to avoid popular sites if they were busy and go elsewhere.

“Please ensure you enjoy the outdoors responsibly and follow any on site advice and #TreadlightlyinthePark,” the authority says on its website.

“This means keeping your dog under close control and on a lead around ground nesting birds, removing all dog poo, human waste and leaving no litter.

“Please check our camping advice and do not light campfires or barbeques anywhere in the Park.”

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