Van Life | Why does my husband do this to me?

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Van Life | Why does my husband keeps doing this to me? In this video we are on a mission to find what we call a “unicorn”. An unicorn is one of those rare van finds that only find once in a lifetime. We drove all the way to New Mexico to buy a vintage Ford Econoline van! It was a nightmate to get back to California driving two vans, we broke down several times and the drive home became a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Can’ wait to start building and converting this van and to renovate this rusty camper into a luxury tiny home! Want to buy one of our vans?! Email us - FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA PHILIP & LIDIA'S INSTAGRAM : LIDIA'S INSTAGRAM : PHILIP'S INSTAGRAM : FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST: 𓂀 DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE 𓂀 : Continue Reading at Philip & Lidia

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