VAN LIFE… What are we doing in a Van??? Ep 264

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🎣🦈 Download Fishing Clash for FREE here and use my code 👉 FISHWITHNANDJI to get $20 worth of gifts for new players only 🎣 🐟 WHAT ARE WE DOING IN A VAN???? In this episode, let's test out another way of alternative living! We first sailed away from Australia back in July 2017, since then we have sailed many miles and visited many countries, however upon returning to Australia to visit family, we realised we had not explored the east coast of our own backyard. What better way to explore Australia than in our very own campervan! Befre we lived on our sailboat Nandji, we lived in a bus called FROTH and travelled around Australia, living the vanlife ways. Now after 5 years of sailing, it was a great experience to come back to our homeland and give the van life way of life another go! #sailing #sailingaroundtheworld #boatlife #sailingfamily #mentawai Grab some Sailing Nan.... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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