VAN LIFE CONFESSION: it’s okay to TAKE A BREAK (Life Lessons Learned While Making Pizza in the van)

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Van Life Confession: We began living in a van to disconnect from the grid and have more quality time with each other and friends but producing these videos every week is taking us away from that intention. So... We're taking a break. We're calling it a Summer Break, a time to have a little fun and focus on being present in the moment. We love the community we've built here and we promise you, we'll be back, refreshed and re-inspired to share our story with all of you. Keep up with us between videos. During our break we'll still be sharing photos on Instagram, as well as making exclusive videos for our Patrons on Patreon. INSTAGRAM: @letsplayrideandseek : PATREON: Watch the build from the beginning: This week, we made some finishing touches to the build and then head to a friend's farm for some fun and to test our new oven by making a pizza. We learn a few life lessons along the way and.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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