VAN LIFE can SUCK | Preparing for the Cold Living in a Van (off- grid winter camping)

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Van Life can SUCK | Preparing for the cold living in a van (off- grid winter camping) This Video is Sponsored by Jackery Yep it is true van life can suck! This week we had to maintenance our vans heater (in the cold). We have an Espar D2 heater and it's how to stay warm living in a van in the winter. We’re preparing for the cold wintery weather upon us in Canada. It’s already winter like out here with low temps and snowy days. We spent the last few months re building our off grid tiny home. Now it’s time to gear up for van life in the winter, make the best of the jobs that must be done (camper van heater etc), and lastly enjoy the beautiful Canadian winter wilderness with off grid winter camping alone in the woods. Van life doesn’t suck so much when the van is warm and views are even better! Have you been watching & enjoying our content? Send us a one time payment to help us keep creating stories on the road. PayPal jazandc.... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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