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We love VAN LIFE don't get us wrong, but there are some annoying parts that come with it. Sometimes, van life sucks! Simple daily tasks can be more challenging in van living compared to traditional living. In today's TRUTH OR DARE FRIDAY episode, we're sharing our list of the 10 worst things about living in a van. In true Ride and Seek style, there is a twist! It's a double-dare: the video must be done in 1 take, no cuts and Nat must talk in an Australian accent the whole time! It's bound to be a hilarious time. We're going LIVE this Sunday, December 12th at 11am EST. Bring your questions to the chat sections, CLICK THE LINK and hit "SET REMINDER" to be notified when it starts. Thank you to Lina and Hope Springs-A-Turtle for your Truth or Dares. We chose 1 dare we loved and remembered (australian accent) but we couldn't locate the original comment to credit this person. Thank you!! GETTING MAIL ON THE ROAD How we get mail: https://y.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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