Valhalla – Film Review by Dave Barnes September 2020

Valhalla – Film Review by Dave Barnes September 2020
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VALHALLA is the latest climbing film to be distributed by Adventure Entertainment.  The film follows a climbing party that attempts a route of the same name.  It is a remarkable film carefully crafting the story of a father and son climbing team that weaves its way across the longest and hardest roof to date in an exotic location in Getu, China. 

The key climber is Edu Marin. Edu was raised in a climbing family with his father, Francisco, who has passed on his skills and interests to his son. This is the beginning of the journey with a clever narration mixed with cuts from the metamorphosis of Edu from a world-class plastic puller to a wild range rock climber. The narration and stunning vision assist the audience to understand this transformation as well as this unique climbing partnership.

The son values his father not just as a climbing companion or a belayer, he wants to share the rope with him as his mentor and friend. It is delightful to witness v.... Continue Reading at Vertical Life Mag

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