Watching the northern sky

Watching the northern sky
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Attracted by the northern lights that we observed in the middle of Sweden, we were excited to reach Torneträsk, the Sweden’s most northern lake reachable by car. The lake was supposedly large enough impacting the local climate and thus increasing the chance of a clear sky which is one of the three requirements for seeing the northern lights: darkness, solar wind (a high KP index) and a clear sky.

Driving into autumn The weather was still quite nice when we spent a night near Nyluspen: cold but mostly clear sky.

About 150km further north near the river Nedre Laisälven, the weather was more cloudy and rainy.

While staying in the forest under the cloudy sky, my solar panels were only able to collect enough energy to operate my laptop during working hours, so we started using my wood stove instead of the induction cooker to prepare our warm meals.

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