Stranded in the Alaskan Wilderness again?!! Lost Sled Dog & Lost Engine: Alpine Creek Lodge Part 2

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In Episode 70 of Truck House Life, come get stranded again in the Alaskan Wilderness (seems to be the theme of the new year!). We continue the saga of the missing sled dog (already spent 1 night out in -20 F temps lost and alone) and something bad happens to my snowmachine. Welcome to Truck House Life baby! *** Bob (teenage son of the owner of the Alpine Creek Lodge) has his own Youtube channel called Bob's Vlogs Bob's about to step up his Youtube game so check it out support Bob! We'll meet Bob in an episode coming up soon! If you're interested in my film equipment I use for my videos, here are links (I make a small commission if you purchase the film equipment through these links below;) I only recommend products that I personal love, and I'm super happy with all of these products that I researched heavily before purchasing myself... Thanks everyone! Zhiyun Gimbal (perfect for the A6400 with a heavy lens):​ Sony A6400 mirrorless camera (awesome, clear video):​ Sigma 16mm camera lens (THE BEST lens I've ever used):​ Mavic Mini drone (impressive drone footage and cheap price):​ GoPro Hero 8 (great action video): If you enjoy my YouTube channel and would like to donate to help pay for some fuel to keep my adventures and videos rolling, please donate to my PayPal at: THANK YOU!

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