Enjoying autumn at the Gulf of Bothnia

Enjoying autumn at the Gulf of Bothnia
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It didn’t take a lot of time to escape from the bad weather in Abisko. Most clouds were gone and the sun was shining after driving 170km southeast.

Lake Marsijärvi seemed like a nice place for soaking up some sun and fishing. We caught another pike and prepared it with a lot of garlic, lemon, herbs, olive oil and roast potatoes. Delicious!

The area was really nice and peaceful, especially during the sunset.

Only about 80km further south of lake Marsijärvi, we found another great spot in the forest near Satter.

Our camp was located right next to a river where Moritz went fishing to no avail.

No fish for us, so we enjoyed some pancakes prepared on my wood stove. :wink:

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