Approaching the Arctic Circle

Approaching the Arctic Circle
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After enjoying the southern part of Sweden, my friend Moritz and I left the woods to meet up with a friend in Gothenburg. We preferred sleeping in the open countryside, so we left the city after a couple of hours headed northwest.

Stopping at the west coast We ended up at the Tofta nature reserve close to the west coast, north of Gothenburg.

There were several skerries along the coast line which looked really nice.

The rocks looked even better when I went on a short hike at end of my work day while the sun was setting.

I didn’t meet any people while strolling around. Maybe that was the reason for the cows looking so interested?

Back into the woods After spending two nights at the west coast, we drove back into the inland headed north where we found a nice spot in the woods next to a river near Flötemarken.

After a refreshing bath in the river we warmed up at the campfir.... Continue Reading at Ruby On Wheels

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