Answering 22 questions about van life

Answering 22 questions about van life
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One of my co-workers sent me an email with 22 questions raised by his 15-year-old daughter. The questions seemed very interesting, so I thought about posting the answers on my blog to share them with other people who might be interested as well.

After spending so much time in Spain did you pick up any Spanish? I definitely picked up some Spanish but I haven’t really learned the language because I mostly communicated in English.

What language do you use the most when traveling? English is probably my most used language when I travel outside of Germany. I speak a little French which was useful in Switzerland, France and Morocco. As mentioned above, I understand a little Spanish but I’m not really able to have deep conversations in languages other than German and English.

How long did it take you to get good at fixing everything yourself? It’s been and still is a learning process. Each time I fixed something, I had to learn how to fix it. I.... Continue Reading at Ruby On Wheels

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