Typical day LIVING IN A VAN full time

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Want to know what a real day of van life looks like for us? Thank you to Wren for sponsoring this video! Offset your carbon footprint on Wren: https://www.wren.co/start/rideandseek The first 100 people who sign-up will have 10 extra trees planted in their name! That's a 1000 more trees providing us with oxygen and removing carbon from the environment... win win! Help us reach this goal by signing up today. VAN LIFE VLOG USA Join us for a typical day living in a van. We don't always have grand exciting activities planned, sometimes we just chill. Traveling full time means it can be difficult to have a daily routine. Our morning routine is always changing, especially when life happens and you wake up sick! No matter what, we're thankful for every moment and love our simple life. Van life is definitely the life for us. This video was sponsored by Wren. JOIN OUR RIDE AND SEEK CREW ON PATREON These youtube videos are made possible with the support of our patreon crew. Watch excl.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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