Why I Can’t Wait to Return to Korea

Why I Can’t Wait to Return to Korea
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Every now and then, someone asks me if I’ve ever been to South Korea. “Yes, I have,” I tell them. “I spent three weeks in Korea.”

“Then why is there so little of it on your blog?”


That trip was taken in 2013, in the middle of a yearlong RTW trip. It was sandwiched between two weeks in Japan, where I tried to see as much of the country as possible while struggling with the searing heat; after Korea, I would be heading directly to the Northern Territory of Australia, where I would be busy on a press trip, camping out under the stars in Kakadu National Park.

I had three weeks in Korea. I would use this time to take it easy and get work done.

I visited Seoul, Korea’s capital and largest city; Busan, Korea’s southern seaside metropolis; and Yeosu, a smaller city in the south of the country where my friend was teaching at the time. And while it feels like I didn’t get mu.... Continue Reading at Adventurous Kate

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