Where Did the Travel Channel Travel Shows Go?

Where Did the Travel Channel Travel Shows Go?
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, we’re answering viewer questions. One that we get a lot is “why doesn’t the Travel Channel show travel shows anymore?” This is kind of a trend across the board with many cable channels. The History Channel has very few actual “history-related” shows, and when is the last time you saw a music video on MTV? For those wondering, we’re breaking down what happened to the Travel Channel shows and where to find the best travel shows today.

It’s About Money!

The sad truth of it is that networks make more money on the sensational reality shows than they do on the Travel Channel shows that gave them their start. The Travel Channel makes more money on paranormal ghost-hunting shows than they do airing the best travel shows about travel.

The Travel Channel has been owned by Discovery Communications since 2018 and therefore has been rebranded to fit the Discovery family of telev.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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