What to Know Before Your Greek Vacation

What to Know Before Your Greek Vacation
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, we’re talking about the things you need to know before you travel to Greece. Greece is a fantastic family travel destination and we love to vacation in Greece with our kids. Today we’re sharing some of our best Greece travel tips with you.

English is Widely Spoken Many travelers get nervous about traveling to Greece or any country that doesn’t use at least the same alphabet as English. Greek letters aren’t always easy to decipher unless you were in a sorority at some point! However, it’s nothing to worry about in Greece as you’ll find English speakers anywhere you go. While you don’t need to know any Greek, it always helps to learn a few basics of the local language when traveling. Hello, please, and thank you will go a long way!

Seven Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

Currency in Greece Fortunately, Greece uses the Euro so if you’re traveling around Europe, .... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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