What to Know Before Taking a Nicaragua Vacation

What to Know Before Taking a Nicaragua Vacation
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, we’re traveling to the Central American country of Nicaragua. A lot of people do not have the most positive perspective on Nicaragua, but it’s really a cool place. The Iran-Contra affair was over 30 years ago, so it’s time to gain a new perspective on Nicaragua as a travel destination. There are a ton of cool places to visit in Nicaragua, so let’s share our tips so you can start planning your own Nicaragua vacation.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua There are many cool places to visit in Nicaragua. Aside from the Corn Islands to the east, we recommend sticking to the western and southern parts of Nicaragua. The capital city, Managua, was destroyed in an earthquake in the 70s and has not really been rebuilt to be of much interest.

Lake Nicaragua is a huge lake in the southern part of the country. There are volcanoes in the lake, as well as an island you can visit.San Juan del Sur has some of the best Nica.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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