What to Expect on Your Summer 2020 Road Trip

What to Expect on Your Summer 2020 Road Trip
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Hey there, fellow travelers! This summer, we’re setting off on a family road trip to explore the Southeast United States. Given how much summer 2020 travel has changed, we wanted to share with you what it’s like to take a family road trip in 2020, and share with you some long-distance driving tips for these changing times.

Expect Less Traffic One unexpected benefit of summer 2020 travel is the reduction in passenger car traffic. We see a lot of trucks on the road, but far fewer passenger cars. Even in some of the larger cities, traffic is much better than in previous years because more people are working from home.

Road Trip Potty Breaks One thing to consider is that many restaurants and fast-food places are only open for drive-through customers. So, if you’re used to stopping at McDonald’s to use the restroom, that might not be a viable option. Make sure you are using the bathrooms at rest stops and gas stations, and don’t c.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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