Villages of Tzoumerka in Epirus

Villages of Tzoumerka in Epirus
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The Villages of Tzoumerka – the Tzoumerkohoria – are like a fairy tale land, a region of northern Greece so rugged and remote it’s like stepping back in time. The mountain hides 47 villages, some with only a few permanent residents, and monasteries that appear on the side of a mountain as if they had grown there. Some villages have been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Many villages are linked by stone bridges, similar to those of the Zogorohoria.

The Plaka Bridge, a stone arched bridge over the Arachthos River, is most well known for being the natural border between the Greek city-state and the Ottoman Empire; the bridge collapsed in 2015; as of summer 2020, it has been restored.

The region is known for its natural beauty, from jagged mountains to rushing rivers. It is chock full of canyons and gorges, lush valleys, and winding hiking trails. There are also seemingly thousands of religious monuments and churches, including the Red Church, Vyliz.... Continue Reading at Travel Passionate

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