Two Weeks in Mexico: The BEST Yucatán Road Trip Itinerary

Two Weeks in Mexico: The BEST Yucatán Road Trip Itinerary
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After spending two months living in Mérida and years of trips traveling through the Yucatán Peninsula, I’ve finally put together the best itinerary for two weeks in Mexico.

Most travelers go to Mexico to lie on the beach for a week, maybe go on an excursion to a ruin or a cenote, and head straight home.

And yes. That can be fun. But you can do SO MUCH better than that!!

Mexico is one of my favorite countries. It’s absolutely brimming with culture and music and fantastic food and the nicest, kindest people. It’s diverse in experiences and it’s so much more than what most people think it is.

You might look at this itinerary and think to yourself, “You know, I’ve been to Playa del Carmen before. I’ve done Chichén Itzá, too. Is it worth it to go back to the same region?”

Yes. It’s worth it. Because the Yucatán is SO much more than just beaches and ruins. .... Continue Reading at Adventurous Kate

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