Trulli houses of Italy: all you ever wanted to know

Trulli houses of Italy: all you ever wanted to know
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Fun and interesting facts about the trulli houses of Italy, peculiar drywall buildings now UNESCO world heritage. What they are, how to visit them, the history of trulli of Alberobello and the surrounding area.

Have you ever seen photos of villages in Italy with small hobbit-like houses, with white walls and pointy gray roofs?

Those are the trulli, a peculiar type of construction characteristic of the Itria Valley (Val d’Itria), in the South of Italy.

Trulli are one of the most peculiar dwellings in Italy and so unique, UNESCO added them to their World Heritage list in 1996 as remarkable mortarless constructions unique in their kind.

This is all you ever wanted to know about trulli houses!

Good to know: trullo is the singular word, while trulli is plural. In Italian, you wouls say ‘un trullo’ (1 trullo house), or ‘two trulli’ (two trullos)

What are trulli houses Trulli are drywall h.... Continue Reading at Learning Escapes

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