Top European Cities to Visit for Accessible Travel

Top European Cities to Visit for Accessible Travel
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, we’re talking about places to visit in Europe if you have mobility challenges. Many European cities are very old, with cobblestone streets, narrow stairways, and high curbs. It can be a nightmare to get around if you have mobility challenges, or even if you are pushing a stroller with a toddler. So I wanted to share the top European destinations for mobility-challenged travelers. Munich, Germany Germany overall has made some great strides towards improving accessibility for all citizens and travelers. From the beer halls to the museums, you’ll find many accessible travel options in Munich that allow you to get around a bit easier than in other cities. Even at the Christmas Markets, they keep the sidewalks clear of snow and debris, and the cobblestones are even so you don’t get hung up on them. The Best Christmas Market Foods to Try London, England Not all London attractions are wheelchair accessible, however, much of the.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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