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Motivation comes and goes, energy ebbs and flows but pacing yourself is your ticket to longevity. Knowing how to go hard, hustle, and pour yourself into something is a characteristic. Knowing how long you can sustain that input is experience. Whether it be your physical training or your entrepreneurial efforts, the right pace claims victory in the race worth winning.

I looked back on the last seven days and thought to myself how unremarkable they were in the scheme of this year, this decade of my life. Nothing exciting occurred nor was there any trauma or bad luck. I wrote a few blog articles but didn’t set any productivity records. I completed my weekly targets of 200km on the bike and 30km of running but set no personal bests. It was a plain week but the reality of reaching a goal teaches us that in order to achieve our successes we must endure and learn to progress through the unremarkable.

I’m a huge advocate of consistency and I truly believe it is a c.... Continue Reading at Journey Era

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