The Sadness of a Spring Without Marathons

The Sadness of a Spring Without Marathons
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It’s been seven weeks since the Boston and London Marathons announced that, as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, their races would be postponed until September 14 and October 4, respectively. At the time, the news inspired cautious optimism among some running enthusiasts that we could see an unprecedented glut of high-caliber races later this year; suddenly, there were six separate World Marathon Majors tentatively scheduled to take place between August 8 and November 1. We were innocent enough to believe that it could happen.

In behavioral finance, there’s something called the “ostrich effect,” a term meant to describe our tendency to ignore inconvenient truths. Unfortunately, the bad news usually still comes seeping in. 

On March 24, the IOC announced that for the first time ever the Olympics would be postponed for a year. L.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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