The Real Lord of the Flies

The Real Lord of the Flies
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Western culture tends to present people as innately selfish. This widely accepted view even has a name: It’s known as the Veneer Theory, and it states that human kindness and morality are just a thin veneer over an otherwise selfish and nasty human nature. Dutch historian Rutger Bregman takes a more optimistic view of humanity: He says that our species dominance has depended on human kindness and communication. He explores this idea in his latest book, Humankind: A Hopeful History. One of the starting points for his book was the true story of a group of boys who were stranded on a desert island for over a year.  So far, it sounds like Lord of the Flies, but unlike William Golding’s literary classic, this group of real-life boys did not descend into savagery. Bregman tracked down their rescuer, Peter Warner,... .... Continue Reading at Explorers Web

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