The Radical Power of Challenging Yourself Outdoors

The Radical Power of Challenging Yourself Outdoors
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Beauty comes in many forms, but for years, Sarah Herron had a hard time recognizing that. Born without the bottom half of her left arm a result of a condition called amniotic band syndrome, Herron refused to do sports as a young girl, for fear of what others would think. Raised in Colorado, she grew up with the outdoors all around her, but she stayed inside when her family went skiing or hiking. 

“Growing up, I loved the indoors. I loved creativity, I loved to paint and do theater,” Herron says now. “I think a large part of that was because of my physical difference. I felt uncomfortable. I tried playing soccer in third grade but gave up.”

It would take years and a stint on reality TV before Herron would realize the power the outdoors had to transform—and the many ways beauty can take shape around and within us. 

After studying art and design in Los Angeles, Herron landed a job at an advertising agency. At 24, .... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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