The Dolomites with kids: the very best places + travel tips

The Dolomites with kids: the very best places + travel tips
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The best places to visit on the Dolomites with kids and travel tips for the perfect family vacation on the Italian Dolomites.

The Dolomites, the stretch of Alps in the North East of Italy, are one of the most beautiful places in Italy for natural beauty and a wonderful vacation destination for families.

The area has stunning mountains, picture-perfect villages with balconies adorned with cascading flowers that seem out of a fairy tale and a plethora of hiking options for adventurous families.

It also has options for animal encounters and outdoor entertainment for kids that make them a great vacation spot for kids big and small.

I have been vacationing in the Dolomites since I was a child and now that I bring my kids to the area, they have also fallen in love with it (you can check 10 reasons why we love the Dolomites here).

The place is just special for children.

Nature here is imposing yet accessible, there are wonde.... Continue Reading at Learning Escapes

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