The best places to visit in Puglia, Italy

The best places to visit in Puglia, Italy
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All you need to know to plan your trip to Puglia, Italy. Best places to visit in Puglia, Puglia itinerary and the best things to do in Puglia for a perfect stay in the heel of the Italian boot.

Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot, is a place even Italian always mentioned with a sense of wonder.

Tell anyone you have been to Puglia and the reaction invariably is ‘Ah, Puglia. Bellissima!”, usually accompanied by a slight sense of surprise, as if this was a secret place, once they did not expect you to know about. 

Puglia is no hidden gem (it is a gem, but it is not hidden!), however, it is true that compared with other parts of Italy it tends to see less international tourism and retain a more local feel.

I personally love Puglia: we went last time with the kids a few months ago and it was the perfect family vacation (you can find our Southern Italy itinerary here).

Puglia has something for everyone.

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