Ten Things About Croatian Culture that Shock Visitors

Ten Things About Croatian Culture that Shock Visitors
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, we’re in Vis, Croatia! We love to help travelers prepare for their vacations, and other than telling you the best things to do, we love to share the things that will shock you upon arriving in a new destination. Today we’re sharing the top ten travel shocks of Croatian culture.

Croatia Culture Shock #1: The Stone Beaches The beaches of Croatia look so inviting, but you’ll get the first shock of your Croatia vacation when you step barefoot on to a beach. They are not soft, sandy beaches. Croatia beaches have small stones, rocks and pebbles…and they hurt your feet! Make sure you bring some water shoes.

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Croatia Culture Shock #2: Number of Tourists in Dubrovnik When you visit the historic center of Dubrovnik, you’ll be shocked at how many tourists they can fit into town. The cruise ships arrive in the morning, re.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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