So You Wanna Be A Digital Nomad?

So You Wanna Be A Digital Nomad?
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So, you wanna be a digital nomad? You’re not alone. Indeed, there are many for whom the life of a digital nomad seems idyllic. Think of it. The chance to make travel more than just an occasional treat that you enjoy once or maybe twice a year. To weave it into the fabric of day-to-day life. To eschew the 9 to 5 and the four blank walls of the conventional workplace and make a living from the road. While some of us thrive in a conventional workplace, there are many for whom this is a stifling and inhibitive working environment. There are many why simply cannot be at their best while packed into offices. They want to be free to go where they want and see what the world has to offer, while working on our own terms in the hours that they choose. 

For those with a love of travel, and a desire for more freedom in their working lives, what could be more appealing than getting to fund your international adventures in real-time, working and earning as you go. But the life of.... Continue Reading at No Back Home

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