Now’s the Time to Rewrite Your Bucket List

<div>Now’s the Time to Rewrite Your Bucket List</div>
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As a planning nerd, I enjoy activities that others bristle at. For example, this year I didn’t just commit to one New Year’s resolution but 20. (It’s called 20 for 2020, y’all!) One of my goals is to rewrite my bucket list, and with all travel plans canceled for the foreseeable future, I now have plenty of time to do so. The list isn’t limited to travel—there are life events I hope to experience, such as getting married and bouldering a V7, that will take up a permanent residence until I see them through—but I think some of us adventurous types feel the urge to accomplish feats, like climbing Mount Everest or stepping foot on all seven continents, without necessarily reflecting on if that’s actually what we want. I’m guilty of this as much as the next person.

In the past, when working on my dream file, I’ve Googled things like “bucket-list ideas” rather than thinking things thr.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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