Is it Safe to Travel Colombia? Backpacking Safety Advice

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Colombia Safety Information and advice. In the video, I go through basic backpacker safety rules, no dar papaya, safety in colombia, as well as some case studies of incidents that have happened in Colombia and what we can learn from them. Nomadic Matt's Story - TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 01:15 - Basic Backpacker Safety 02:38 - No Dar Papaya 04:16 - Matt's Story 05:53 - Moral of the story 06:31 - Story #2 07:00 - Story #03 07:30 - Safety Do's and Dont's 09:04 - Answering your questions 09:56 - Safety on Public Transport 10:23 - Safety in Taxis 11:46 - Other FAQs 12:45 - Common Scams 13:35 - In Conclusion Get the Backpacking Colombia Google Map Legend - ------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop my digital products: Join the backpackers forum: https://backpackin.... Continue Reading at Backpacking Bananas

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