Interesting facts about the Pink Dolphin of the Amazon

Interesting facts about the Pink Dolphin of the Amazon
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This article is from Mario, an Italian humanitarian and blogger that spent some months backpacking Brazil. He saw the pink river dolphin during his trip through the Amazon rainforest. If you understand Italian, you can find more on his article Viaggio in Amazzonia.

Are pink dolphins real? This is the question that I was asking myself before going on a long-awaited trip to the Amazon. They often come up on my crossword sessions, but I never saw one. Not even on tv. So, do pink dolphins exist?

I have to admit, I spent the beginning of my cruise on the Amazon River trying to spot them. Since we raised the anchor in Belém, I spent my time trying to spot what I thought was a rare pink dolphin.

No success.

The muddy waters of the lower Amazon River framed by the rainforest for as much as you can see are no spotting area for those weird mammals.

But then, as soon as I ended up in a tributary, there they were! Not hundreds of course, but I saw th.... Continue Reading at Travel Passionate

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