How NOT To Turn a Blog Into a Patreon

How NOT To Turn a Blog Into a Patreon
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Starting my Patreon this year was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made. In a time when COVID decimated the travel industry and I lost upwards of 90% of my income, it gave me a fun and fulfilling way to earn money and partially make up for what I had lost, while giving my readers exactly what they wanted.

How much money? Not enough to replace everything I had lost, but a significant amount — more than enough to live full-time in a cheap country — thus enough to help me sleep at night. And an amount that keeps increasing each month.

Patreon is an online platform where creators provide exclusive content to their biggest fans in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. It’s a way to make money direct from your readers, creating the kind of content they enjoy the most.

So many kinds of creators use Patreon. Podcasters and YouTubers use it for exclusive episodes; journalists use it for fascinating stories no publicati.... Continue Reading at Adventurous Kate

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