Himalaya, Karakorum: When Will We Climb Next?

Himalaya, Karakorum: When Will We Climb Next?
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So far, 2020 has been a year to forget in mountaineering. After the failed attempts on winter Everest, the mountain recorded only spring 50 summits from the one Chinese expedition. With that team now back at home — and Everest wrapped in silence again — it’s time to wonder whether the next climbing season will be summer, fall or winter. In normal years, climbers would now be en route to their Karakorum base camps. But the only Karakorum news these days speaks of cancellations and postponements. Pakistan’s government is trying to facilitate the bureaucracy for those still willing to go (online applications, open borders, low prices, etc.), but cases of infection are soaring in that country — 90,602 confirmed as of June 5. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that, “the country cannot afford to return to lockdown.”   Steffi... .... Continue Reading at Explorers Web

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