Fun facts about the Roman Colosseum for kids and curious adults

Fun facts about the Roman Colosseum for kids and curious adults
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Fun facts about the Roman Colosseum. Historical facts and curiosities about the Colosseum for homeschooling, family trivia, travel planning. Few ancient monuments spark the interest of children and adults as much as the Roman Colosseum does. Huge, beautiful and full of stories sometimes so extreme they seem a work of fiction, rather than reality, the Colosseum offers incredible learning opportunities to anyone willing to listen to its long history. For this article, we have researched and collated the most interesting facts about the Colosseum in Rome and some curiosities that will help this wonderd and the people who built it come to life. Sources for this article are: guided tours of the Colosseum, Department of Classics, La Sapienza University of Rome What is the Colosseum? The Colosseum is a large ancient amphitheater in Rome, Italy. It was built during the early days of the Roman Empire and it is still standing tall, albeit a little battered, in the center .... Continue Reading at Learning Escapes

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