Fun facts about Italian food foodies will love

Fun facts about Italian food foodies will love
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Fun facts about Italian food: interesting tidbits and Italian food facts for curious eaters and Italy lovers!

Food is a big deal in Italy.

It is at the center of gatherings with family and friends, a huge part of our tourism industry and export and one of the things we Italian are most obsessed with.

The saying goes that Italians are the only people who talk about food while eating food and indeed, we do!

Italian food is a large part of our culture and while we are not all foodies, we do tend to have strong opinions about it and we love to share facts about Italian food with others.

The are many fun facts about Italian food, some to do with its origins, and some with the way we eat so today I thought of putting them all together.

I hope this list of fun facts about Italian food will make you smile, teach you something and will also help get rid of some Italian food myths that are stubborn but have no basis in Italian .... Continue Reading at Learning Escapes

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