Five Things You’ll Love & Hate About Visiting Warsaw

Five Things You’ll Love & Hate About Visiting Warsaw
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, we’re talking about visiting Warsaw, Poland. I used to work in Lithuania, so I have spent a lot of time visiting Warsaw. It’s a great city, but there are some things you will love, and some things you will hate when you visit Warsaw.

Love #1: Warsaw Old Town & Polish Pride The Old Town area of Warsaw is not as “old” as you might think. It’s all been rebuilt since World War II and they did an excellent job of restoring everything back to the original look. You really get a sense of the pride the people of Poland have for their country and their history when you see how it’s been restored to the original look.

Hate #1: Service in Warsaw This actually applies to much of Poland. The service is not super friendly in Poland. Polish locals can be super friendly once you get to know them, but not in the service industry. Although the service isn’t stellar, you still are expected to .... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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