Exploring Japan’s Countryside: Fukui Prefecture | Shrines, Soba & Dinosaurs?

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Day three of our road trip around Fukui Prefecture. We found some shrines, some soba and some....dinos? Our new camera fund: http://kydeanderic.com/Camera Subscribe! https://goo.gl/mkAwyy Support our videos at Patreon http://patreon.com/kydeanderic Our Website http://kydeanderic.com/Fukui Here's the full Fukui Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrvJJu2Pt1jh0E6CzL351GlqZxPO30HZb Paypal contributions are appreciated and can be made here http://www.kydeanderic.com/PayPal http://instagram.com/kydeanderic http://facebook.com/kydeanderic http://twitter.com/kydeanderic http://reddit.com/r/KydeandEric https://discord.gg/6svQze3 Support our video gear via Amazon wish list http://kydeanderic.com/index.php#A #Japan #Fukui #Travel

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