El Salvadorian Food You MUST Try

El Salvadorian Food You MUST Try
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Hey there, fellow foodie travelers! Today, we’re in El Salvador, talking about food! There are so many cool things to do in El Salvador, and all that sightseeing will definitely help you work up an appetite. If you want to experience El Salvador traditional food, there are some really good meals and drinks in El Salvador that we recommend trying.

Pupusas Probably the most famous El Salvador food is a pupusa. It’s like the Mexican gordita; two tortillas with a filling in the middle. You can choose which type of tortilla, as well as what you want inside your pupusa. Beans, chicken, and cheese are popular fillings. Ask the locals you meet for their favorite pupuseria.

you will eat so well in El Salvador at a great price.Beans & Rice Beans and rice are major staples of El Salvadoran cuisine. They will be served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes, they are even served together. Hopefully, you don’t have an aversion to rice or bean.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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