Eat With Locals Prague Food Tour Review

Eat With Locals Prague Food Tour Review
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This sums up what I was expecting from a Prague food tour – beer, cheese and sausage

Why Take A With Locals Prague Food Tour? Prague has some really cute eateries

In this post I review a food tour in Prague, which I took while visiting the city for three days. But maybe you’re thinking you can discover plenty of places to eat and drink in a major European capital like Prague on your own, without any tours?

Of course experienced travellers don’t always want or need to take tours in a new country or city, and there are definitely times when exploring solo is the best thing you can do.

But the thing about being a savvy traveller is you also know when deferring to local knowledge is a good way to go, and for my first time in a heavily-touristed city like Prague, and with only a short time to make every meal count, I wanted to make sure I got beyond the obvious.

There’s so much to see and do in Prague

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