Day trips from Bangkok, Thailand

Day trips from Bangkok, Thailand
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During our trip to Thailand, we spent a few days in Bangkok at the beginning and end of our trip, as we were flying in and out of that location. Although I went into the trip thinking that I would not like Bangkok that much, I actually really fell in love with the hustle, bustle and night life. I certainly would not spend an entire trip there, but we had a great time in the city and on day trips outside Bangkok.

I’ve compiled some of our favorite things we did with our few days in Bangkok. Most of these are further outside the city, but were some of our favorites. Bangkok has such an interesting mix of temples and nightlife, you will not be disappointed.

Okay, this is one of the big tourist spots in Bangkok. We often avoid these types of things, but decided we needed the full experience – bright lights, crowded streets, loud music, the whole thing. It was actually pretty fun and I am glad we visited. Complete with buckets of cocktails.

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