Climbing’s Send-at-All-Costs Culture Almost Ruined Me

<div>Climbing’s Send-at-All-Costs Culture Almost Ruined Me</div>
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When I was 14 years old, I went on my first climbing trip to the Sierra with a man in his late twenties, a mentor of mine. We piled into his small pickup truck, smashed between ropes and climbing gear. 

Above the rearview mirror was a little sign that read “Baked Goods.” The words were circled and had an X through them. 

I thought it was weird that anyone would hate baked goods, but I was thankful to be there, so I didn’t say anything. We stopped at a bagel shop to fuel up. I was a late-blooming child, and food was simple to me back then: you eat when you are hungry and play the rest of the time. I ordered two bagels with extra cream cheese and consumed them before we left the parking lot. I barely felt full after I finished.

“You aren’t going to climb anything after those bagels, Rodden,” he laughed. “That’s like two days’ worth of calories.” 

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