Best Places to visit in January in Italy

Best Places to visit in January in Italy
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The first week of the month is still part of the Christmas period and Italians are often on vacation. The most popular kind of vacation is called “settimana bianca “(literally “white week”), which is a skiing holiday in the mountains.

On Epiphany Day (January 6th), there are many events and celebrations taking place everywhere and involving both the religious side of the feast (masses, processions, etc.) and its folk side with the Befana character. Befana is an old lady bringing sweet treats to the good kids and some charcoal to the naughty ones and she leaves her gifts inside a stocking.

In January, you’ll find cold-weather everywhere and a lot of snow in the mountains. Snowfalls in the lowlands are not uncommon in the Northern Regions too. It’s not a good period to visit Italy if you don’t like cold and grey weather but it’s the perfect period to celebrate the New Year with some typical events and traditions and to have.... Continue Reading at Travel Passionate

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